February 7, 2016

Sunday AM Coinshoot

Cold morning with frost on the ground. Was able to find a few clad coins and a "dongle" for a phone!

Today's finds:

  • 1 Quarter
  • 3 Dimes
  • 7 Pennies
  • Phone Dongle

February 1, 2016

Sunday Coin Shoot

Really nice morning to go coin shooting this past Sunday. Decided to try a playground that had produced well in the past. Some changes since we were last there; fun time!

Sunday's Finds:

  • 3 Nickels
  • 16 Pennies
  • Earring and Chuck E Cheese Token

January 22, 2016

Another Round of Coin Shooting This Evening

Second time out in 2016. Although it was dark, was able to get a coin shoot in. Found several clad coins and a ring in the local schoolyard. Fun stuff!

Today's Finds:

  • 2 Dimes
  • 2 Nickels
  • 8 Pennies
  • A ring - no markings

January 17, 2016

Went Coinshooting After a Long Break

Been sidetracked with things and have not been coinshooting for a while now. But, today made it a point to get out and do some coinshooting. Opted for a local playground that normally turns up lots of dimes. This round it was more pennies than dimes but did get some dimes, nickles, and a quarter as well as a cool lapel pin from the local city!

Today Finds:

  • 7 Pennies
  • 2 Nickles
  • 2 Dimes
  • 1 Quarter
  • 1 Lapel Pin

April 11, 2015

Back in 2015 for Clad Coins...

First coin shoot in 2015 after a long gap since last time I was out. Been sidetracked with other things but finally made it out on a really nice Saturday morning. Found clad coins and a pendant!

Today's Finds:
  • 4 Quarters
  • 2 Dimes
  • 3 Nickels
  • 9 Pennies
  • 1 Canadian Penny
  • 1 Butterfly Pendant

October 25, 2014

Saturday Morning Coin Shoot

Made it to two parks this morning and got around of coin shooting in this morning. Found clad coins, a key, and a ring!

Today's Finds:

  • 3 Quarters
  • 4 Dimes
  • 10 Pennies
  • Ring
  • Key

September 29, 2014

Clad Coins This Round

Taking advantage of the cooler weather, did some coin shooting at another school playground. Ongoing construction had me wondering if the playground was open but after a quick search started finding a few coins. At one point, did find 10-12 pennies concentrated in one area. Looked like someone dropped them while playing!

Today's Finds:

  • 2 Nickels
  • 19 Pennies
  • A Mexican 50 Centavo Coin

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